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Every BRAVE Group is a context for living out life-on-life discipleship

We Are Better Together

No matter where you are, there’s a BRAVE Group for you. Join a BRAVE Group and experience authentic, discipleship relationships that will grow your faith.

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Relationships are the DNA of BRAVE Church

We believe that life-on-life, authentic relationships that are grounded in love (Eph 3:14-21) are the best environment for making disciples of Jesus. One of the places that this can happen is in our BRAVE Groups. Groups meet weekly in person and online to share life with one another while studying the Bible.

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What Do BRAVE Groups Do?

Become a Disciple

Becoming a disciple of Christ is a lifelong pursuit. The discipleship process starts with access to a relationship with Jesus and in a community with others who continually encourage. “We believe that encouragement is the adrenaline of gospel growth. Groups provide this boost with prayer, accountability, and the the power of gospel (Romans 1:16) for transformation in your life.

Build Authentic Relationships

Becoming a disciple can only happen in community with others (James 5:16, or Heb 10:23-25). Disciples of Jesus have nothing to hide; we can do everyday life together with gospel intentionality; confident in the cross of Jesus when we fall short.  This bold faith in the gospel causes BRAVE disciples to live real, raw, but reverent lives that produce authentic relationships.

Experience Continual Growth

God often presents learning opportunities in the life of a disciple. Every group helps to see a problem in a light with a new perspective (Rom. 12:1-2 or Heb. 10:23-25, 1 Thess 5:14-18) provided by a fellow follower of Jesus who is for you and wants to see your transformation.

Discuss the Sermons

We become what we behold (2 Cor. 3:18). Group conversations center around The Scripture passage taught in the sermon from the weekend service. Using the sermon question guide, which are questions written to encourage and directly apply what we are learning from God’s Word.  We want to strive to “not [become] a forgetful hearer, but an effectual doer” (James 1:25).

Living the Practices of Jesus

Growth as a disciple is not just new information, but includes confession, repentance, and restoration with new action. Groups encourage one another to learn the practices of Jesus so that we abide (John 15:4-7) personally in Christ through daily bible reading, memorization, fasting, tithing, and prayer. Together as a community we grow and change.

Disciples Who Makes Disciples

Groups empower everyone to engage in discipleship and to be  discipled. The ultimate goal of discipleship is always to be “sent” – being unleashed as a disciple to produce more fruit and disciple those who He puts in your path (Matt 28:18-20).

FAQs about BRAVE Groups

Where and When do Groups Meet?

Groups meet both in person and online during the week at various times.

How do I sign up for a group?

You can simply go to this page and pick the day of the week that works best for you.

What Can I Expect After I Sign Up?

The group leader, for the night that you sign up, will reach out to you via email, phone or text to connect with you on next steps.

How Do Groups Meet Online?

Through different online video conferencing platforms.

What type of technology do I need?

In order to connect to the group online you will need an online connection and a device to connect: Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone.

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Leaders' Questions

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