High School: Feb 15-17

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Middle School: Feb 22-24

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What are you looking for in this thing called "life"? What do you see when you look inside yourself? How do you think God looks down from Heaven at you?

God’s Word tells us that God is looking at us and has designed us to look back at Him. When we see ourselves how God sees us and see our Savior how God shows us, we will be forever changed and find exactly what we are looking for.

Winterfest is 3 days filled with worship, teaching, community and fun with other students. We will spend a weekend to gather together to be refreshed and repurposed in the presence of God. We will leave remembering our great times together and the ways God moved in our lives.

Winterfest 2019 Details

What: Make sure you are available for Winterfest 2019, because this is THE winter event for middle and high school students in the Denver area. Expect to create memories that will last a lifetime, form deep friendships with other students your age, and encounter God.

When: High school – February 15-17, Middle School – February 22-24

Where: BRAVE Church

Cost: January 1-31 the price is $165. In February, the price jumps to $175.

High School: Feb 15-17

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Middle School: Feb 22-24

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Winterfest 2019 FAQ

Are there scholarships available?

Of course! We don’t want money to be a reason not to attend. Please reach out to Pastor Brandon or Pastor Dillon to start the process.

Where will the students be staying?

Members of BRAVE Church will generously open up their homes to our students on these weekends, accompanied by their adult small group leaders. They will be staying with their small groups in these respective homes. If you’re interested in being a host home for either weekend, please reach out to Kaycie Hanlin.

What will the students be doing?

The majority of the weekend will be spent connecting with their small group members, their leaders, and the Lord. We will have four worship experiences spread out over the course of the weekend, each curated and designed to build your son or daughter’s faith.

When will the price jump?

December 1-31 is the best price, so register right away! All that is required to register is a down payment of $50 (per student), with final payment being collected the week of the retreat.

Jan 1-31 the price jumps to $165. February the price jumps to $175.

Deadline to sign up is one week prior to the appropriate retreat. (High school, February 8th. Middle school, February 15th.)