Young Adults Leaders Survey

Hey leaders! I wanted to get your feedback on your experience as a leader in Young Adults this past year. All of you have contributed valuable time and energy to God’s work and your efforts have not gone unnoticed!

The purpose of this survey is to get direct feedback from you so that I can make an informed decision in planning for 2019.

This survey is anonymous and comments at the end are much appreciated. For the comment section please put anything you saw as a leader that went well in the ministry or that could be changed for the coming year.

  • Please think about the structure of Young Adults. We don’t want to assume what we are doing is best, and we want to make sure what we choose to do is what is best for the ministry. (Example: greeting, dinner, worship, preaching, small group, timing, Thursday nights, etc.) Is the structure of Thursdays effective? Do we need more time for specific things? Would you like to see something added or something done differently?
  • Is there anything else that you would like to share as we continue into 2019?